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Personal Tax

The majority of personal tax returns are completed by Victoria, although Steve will do the returns for some of his accounts clients.

The HMRC guidance on who needs to complete a self assessment tax return can be found

In so far as our clients are concerned the clients for whom we prepare personal tax returns tend to fall into the following groups:

Self Employed
If you are self employed (including as part of a partnership) then your accounts will form the basis of your tax return.  If there are no other entries on your return then often there will be little or no additional fee for the return.

Company Directors
Often these are very straightforward showing merely salary, dividends and P11D benefits.  Our charge for these returns starts at one hour of Steve or Victoria's time.

Other Income
Investment income, property rentals, a variety of pensions and annuities, income over £150,000, all these can result in the requirement to file a tax return.  For private clients (ie those for whom we do not do accounts work) the tax return charge will be based on the number of hours worked.  Work in connection with rental income may be done by a partner.

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