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Are you one of the many business people who dreads completing your VAT return?

We are happy to simply review your records on a monthly/quarterly basis before you submit your VAT return.  If you are on a digital bookkeeping system into which Jane has been invited, you simply need to ask her to take a look, prior to submitting the return.

Whilst the majority of clients are on quarterly returns, a few do have monthly returns.  Annual returns are possible, but rare.

We can also advise with regard to the flat rate scheme.

If you are not registered for VAT but your trade is VATable then unless we carry out all your bookkeeping on a monthly basis we are unable to keep track of when you are liable to register for VAT.  Whilst we will advise when preparing annual accounts if you are nearing the limit it is your responsibility to keep track of turnover.

VAT thresholds can be checked on the HMRC website at:

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